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Mr Sascha Spitzner

(VL12). He is one of the 201 best participants of the Logistics masters 2014.
















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"From the 4th semester there was [...]
 no German-speaking
                                                      DVZ 12.4.13 "Theorie und Praxis verbessern die Chancen"

It refers to a bachelor-logistics study at FOM Essen.

Is there anybody grumbling about the sea cargo lecture?

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How the school politics can seriously expect,
that children appreciate the language of Goethe,
if they not are taught
to greet appropriately?

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On the 1st of July, 2009 the department council [...] of the University of Siegen has decided furthermore not to take part with his fields in the ranking of the CHE (centrum for university development gGmbH, founded  from the company Bertelsmann).[with changes by the webmaster]

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"Die [Xrail-]Allianz bildet das Fundament für einen nachhaltigen Wagenladungsverkehr in Europa", sagte Oliver Sellnick, Direktor Güterverkehr der UIC.

(The only "nachhaltige Verkehr" ends in fathership)

Citation from LOG.m@il No. 17, 30th of April, 2010

Extreme weather threatens logistics more and more

The logistics economy must do s. t. more to protect the chains of delivery against sudden disturbances, e. g. under extreme weather conditions. This is a result of a common study of the Dutch research institute TNO, the university of Tilburg, the logistics and carrier association EVO as well as the road haulage association TLN.... TNO tip: Put in buffer stocks.

There will a dog with its hut be shaken if researchers come along to preach the economists trivial basic rules ("buffer stocks are the lubricant of the production"). Or have the economists forgotten even the spelling of "buffer stocks" under all the daily cost pressure? KB

By the way...                                    Only dogs are glad to be fed up to the back teeth.


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